In ancient mythology, the Muses are the inspirational goddesses of science, literature and the arts. They offered inspiration in all of these subjects, helping further mankind and his purist of knowledge. Today, a Muse can be a person or personified force that acts as a source of inspiration for others. But why look to an outside Muse when you can simply listen to the one inside you! 

Hi, I’m Galina Iacub and my blog is all about inspiration and acknowledging your inner muse! Have you ever heard a Muse Whispr in your ear, motivating you to the very thing that you’re scared of? I have, which is why I started this blog! Now, I hear those Muse Whisprs every single day and feel so blessed that I can. It can be difficult to want to inspire others, but thanks to my Muse, I’m now able to do that through this blog.

I like to think of myself a creative mind and forever adventurer. As a professional travel consultant (several years of experience with companies like Medtronic, American Express, CWT, IOC, Sport Federations, Philip Morris, Novartis) and Moldavian native living in Switzerland, my wanderlust heart is always looking to inspire others to go out and explore the world.

I’m also a polyglot woman, which means I speak several languages, and that helps with my wanderlust spirit. I love traveling and will always love it. It’s simply amazing to visit different places, meet new people, discover new countries, embrace other cultures and just enlighten yourself with wisdom and experience that only travel brings.

When I’m not writing about travel, I’m writing about fashion and beauty. I’ve loved both for as long as I could remember! Self-proclaimed “fashionista” since age 13, nothing could stop me from trawling through magazines and channeling my own creative spirit to look my best! I opened a curated fashion boutique in Chisinau, where I handpicked the latest fashion trends. Gradually, I developed my sophisticated taste and trendsetting style. As the eternal challenge hunter, I’m often categorized as a workaholic, but I find peace of mind in beauty and shopping (I’m a self-proclaimed shoe addict)!

My lifestyle blog is meant to inspire you and your own wanderlust, while providing you a glimpse into my reality of being a mother, wife and fun human being, enjoying life to the fullest! In my writings, you’ll find various things that inspire me, which in turn I hope will also inspire you, too. From the latest books I’m reading to the different foods I’m making, the places I go and my various inner thoughts, I hope you’re inspired to live your best life possible after visiting my blog!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read my blog! I hope you walk always with inspiration and a bit of sparkle to shine your brightest. I’d love to hear your feedback and comments on what you enjoy on the blog and anything you’d love to see!

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And don’t forget to listen to your inner Muse because she’s leading you on a path meant only for you…

See you soon, my Muses!