One white dress style




I find the black and white combination such a classic but in same time sophisticated blend.

To highlight this I choose my brand new white dress, simple and cotton white from Anticasartora. I found it in their Rapallo’s shop during our summer weekend in Ligurian Riviera. It’s considered to be a more beach style dress but when accorded with some large black belt and black striped high heels from Bongenie Grieder it’s really changes the basic meaning. It transforms in something more evening out dinner party.

As for the bags in the first series of shots I opted to accord it with this small snake print Fashionnova bag. I think we can easily do that and it doesn’t bother our eyes as it would do with a complete time black bag, or maybe not. In the end it depends on the bag itself. Right?


Reason why in the second series I choose to associate the look with my vintage Louis Vuitton Deauville bag and find it quite interesting as association. Louis Vuitton classical touch can be easily integrated in a black and white combination.

Let me know if you agree or disagree with me on these two different ways of style a white long beach dress and talk you later my dearest Muses!




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