It’s Corona time, isn’t it?

It has been a while since I was inspired to write. Why? There’s really no right answer to this question. We are going through crazy times, and for some of us, it’s something we never experienced before; it all feels surreal. The entire planet is under lockdown, thousands of small businesses closed for good, millions of people are now jobless, and I haven’t even touched upon the hundred thousand related deaths.


I finely decided to share my corona virus experience and for me it went in several different phases. Like many of you, in the very beginning, I was confused… so very confused. At some point, I thought this is a bad joke and somebody (I don’t know who exactly, probably “a kind of global elite”) wanted to play a bad joke with us small, innocent “mere mortals.” They organized this whole situation with a hidden goal. What was the goal? Well, I have several versions of it as I try to understand the situation. From there, it went into a really scary phase for a while, and I truly believed in a dangerous virus; dangerous for old people. As you may have noticed, the mass media went crazy to make us swallow their incredible “end of the humanity virus.”

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In Switzerland, the authorities decided to go for a semi-lockdown, which was a less severe way of telling people “you must stay at home.” You could go out to places and you were allowed to go for a walk, grocery shopping, or even visit your family members that did not fall in the high-risk category. Most of the population truly respected their request, and we stayed at home to flatten the curve. This is to say we enjoyed a sort of freedom when compared to many other European countries that applied some rude regulation and severe penalties in case you just went out of your house for unnecessary things.

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We stayed at home and the first weeks went totally ok as we told ourselves we were doing this for good reasons. My husband closed his small business and had been requested to get involved to help the Civil Protection teams of the Canton de Vaud to assist in the facilities for elderly people. While he was doing that, I was working from home and taking care of our daughter (as other parents had to do given schools/kindergartens were now closed). I’m not complaining and am grateful to still have a job when so many had lost theirs.

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After a while, the scary movie paranoia went away, and my initial thought came back as well with many questions and signs. In conclusion I think it’s a “total bad joke” that’s organized and supplied by the media that fed us on a daily basis… Come on people! Let’s just stop and consider some facts. This brand-new virus may be a dangerous one, but for two precise categories of people – elderly people under 80 y/o or people with comorbidities. It’s important to protect those two categories of people, but is it enough justification to close the entire global economy and leave behind all of the other human or animal categories just for the sake of the first two? I’m not convinced and that’s ok as many of the elderly people who suffered exclusion and guilt while everything is happening because of them!?

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On the other hand, I feel like governments and politicians around the globe are enjoying this extreme power and influence they have been given and they would like it to last longer. Despite many families in different countries can no longer feed they children, and at this point, they are no longer scarred of a virus that can kill them, but certainly “hunger” will do so if nothing changes quickly enough?

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So yes! The question is “Why?” Why has all of this happened and is still happening in some countries? There may be many explanations and conspiracy theories out there, and I can decide which one suits me the best, but one thing is certain: A moment of CHANGE has come to all of us and let’s take this opportunity and change the world for the better.

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I must stop here my Muses otherwise I’ve become a bit too political and it’s not the purpose of the story, but I think I just wanted to share with you my thoughts and my misunderstandings on this entire bizarre and non-coherent situation. It’s completely my personal point of view.

Talk to you next time and take care of you my dearest Muses!


Hi, I’m Galina and my blog is all about inspiration and acknowledging your inner muse! Have you ever heard a Muse Whispr in your ear, motivating you to the very thing that you’re scared of? I have, which is why I started this blog!

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