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My dearest Muses..


“It’s been a while” since I haven’t shared my thoughts with you in a minute. Well, you know I would love to write something about my last travel or some fashion ideas, but it doesn’t feel like the time is right at the moment, so I’m going a different route. I’m going to continue my political rant a bit…

It’s now 2021 and I have some new aspirations and hopes for change that I feel I need to get off of my chest.

I do believe things will change in 2021 and in a very impressive way. However, before reaching some stable and sunny times, we will need to overcome some big and severe turbulence first.

Many people don’t realize what exactly the financial world has going through these past months/years. It’s a complete shift and a very impressive one. “These are some amazing times to be alive” some would say, especially when they realize what’s really happening!? I have to agree with larger financial heavy hitters and entrepreneurs like Andreas Antonopoulos, Elon Musk, Simon Dixon, Ray Dalio, Paul Tudor Jones, Jim Rickards, Raoul Pal, Max Keiser, Michael SaylorRobert Kiyosaki, Chamath Palihapitiya, Winklevoss Twins, Chicco Crypto, Ivan on Tech and so many others I cannot mention in this list. Great people I listen and I’m deeply grateful of having this chance and possibility to learn and better understand what’s really happening in this pandemic era we are living in.

What all of these great minds agree upon is that the financial system we used to know is falling apart. Big and centralized financial institutions are trying to survive by flooding the system with trillions of paper currency. You heard it right. This is not money they are injecting in their Central Banks, but worthless paper currency that will only bring inflation first and hyperinflation after. And when the printer goes BRRR it brings the loss of thousands and millions in people’s savings and pensions. A lifetime of hard work saving for their pension will just disappear like one fog wave does in seconds. This will be the END of a giant house of cards, which is very close now to tumbling over at the moment.

The system is broken and no matter how hard they are trying to push the PRINT button for more paper currency, it just won’t work. Why?  Simple math, really. One cannot spend more money than he/she is able to have or generate. However, our governments are spending more than we are able to earn and be paid in taxes by hard working middleman. But they want to continue printing money day in and day out.

But what about capitalism? At its core it’s supposed to have “free markets” and “sound money?” Where are those kinds of values in this “printed money” era? It all has been taken away by greedy corporations and central institutions that only care about their elite circle -you know the 1% of the world.

Will they succeed? I hope not. The monster became way too big for them to control. A change must now come. A powerful and bright force will come to save us little people; people that have nothing to do with their malicious and gambling way of controlling our life and financial freedom.

Who are they to Impose some Middle Age restrictions and nonsense rules and all in the name of a “Great Reset” they first thought up. They imagined themselves as GODS and took this power to tell us simple people “Stay at home,” “Destroy your business,” “Cover your face with a mask,” “Take the Jab and you’ll be free”! What will happen with those of us who doesn’t want to take it? Will be forbidden to enter a public space, travel or even the « soon to come » monthly UBI (universal basic income)? SO MANY questions without any plausible answer…

And yet the future that they envisioned for us is simple as showcased in their ad of “You will own nothing, and you’ll be happy” … What they forgot, though, is that “we will own everything” and the right to decide is upon YOU! This being said I’m trying to recall the moment when we all gave our vote to a Klaus Schwab or a Bill Gates and entitled them as NEW GODS with the right of a full-spectrum control and dominance over entire global population. And yes I do hear those naysayers that think and say « This is just some conspiracy theory! Ooh come on stop it! »

But, no, it’s not! It’s written on their website – just open and read it if you don’t believe me – World Economic Forum.

I want to believe that Universe will guide us and will not let these globalists that hide themselves behind values like “climate protection” and “social equity warning” to succeed with their Agenda. There must be a Great FORCE that will help us escape their Great RESET…

Some great minds with whom I agree with see this force coming through Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies that same Elite are trying to STOP and claim the complete opposite of the story:  that “Bitcoin is made for drug dealers and criminals. But the question here is, “Who are the true criminals of the story?”

“The internet of money” is here to stay, and they cannot do anything to STOP IT!  They will fight harder and harder against it, but they won’t be able to stop its mass adoption and a new era of a decentralized finance will appear!

And yet I see the smile on your face !  Yes, I know it may sound so naïve to say it in such a simplistic way. Maybe way too simplistic! But there is a kind of magic about this simple thinking, and at same time, sophisticated protocol. I do believe it will empower billions of people in the next decade or so. Billions of people that don’t have, and never had, access to financial services. All of the sudden they will be able to have a small bank in their pocket. A small Swiss bank running from an app on their smartphone. And don’t get me wrong « It is not about banking the unbanked; it’s about UNBANKING all of us ». I know… You’re still here reading and continuing to chuckle loudly. I heard these kinds of laughs so many times during my past years when talking about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in my inner circles with family and friends that I’ve become used to it.

Nevertheless, instead of developing a form of skepticism, why don’t you spend a little bit of your precious time you have been given in life and try to learn about this new cryptocurrency and what a blockchain is. Who knows?! Maybe it may be a reality one day!?” And yet I have such a strong feeling and believe that this day is truly coming and faster than I ever thought it would.

I hope you enjoyed reading this piece and that it gives you something to think about. Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to write me if you have any questions and talk to you soon my dearest Muses!


Hi, I’m Galina and my blog is all about inspiration and acknowledging your inner muse! Have you ever heard a Muse Whispr in your ear, motivating you to the very thing that you’re scared of? I have, which is why I started this blog!

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