Went to a Fairytale Wedding

One of the most important days in a girl’s life is her wedding day. While I’m not trying to say that it’s not important for men either, but I’m not sure it’s as important to them as it is to women. A man’s brain is very different, and in my personal opinion, I feel as if they often feel rushed to get married. For most women, getting married is a romantic event that signifies spending eternity with that one special person, the prince of our dreams!

My cousin Dana knew her prince was Serghei, and she patiently waited quite a while for him to propose to her. Then exactly a year ago, her prince proposed to her on her birthday! It was a wonderful surprise and the best birthday gift she’s received thus far. I can just imagine how beautiful that moment was and it’s one she’ll remember forever.

Weddings are not just special for the couple, but also for the guests invited to witness the nuptials. I was excited to be invited to her wedding, which took place on June 2, 2019 at a gorgeous location called Zaxi restaurant in the heart of Chisinau.

My Moldavian soul said straight away, YESSSSS, and I readily accepted the invitation in my homeland! These special occasions are so rare these days, so it was a welcomed trip and just what my soul needed.

When I asked for the time off at work to attend the wedding, my boss explained that I wouldn’t be told my vacation was approved until two weeks before the ceremony. Usually, I don’t like to travel with little preparation time like that, but you could imagine my relief when he granted permission for the days off. Of course, I’m going to provide you with the details of my travel to Moldova, but for now, I just love to go into detail about this beautiful wedding I had the chance to experience!


The wonderful festivities started  with an official ceremony that was about 45 minutes long and one spontaneous arrival of the bride. She showed up like a true Cinderella in her gorgeous wedding gown that was simple and elegant. But she wowed with her sophisticated hairstyle and makeup that complemented her gown. I honestly think Serghei was a little overwhelmed when he saw how amazing she looked. The truth is, we were all amazed when she first walked out. Everything about the day was fabulous, including the weather given we were outside on the 13th level on the rooftop terrace of Radisson Blu Leo Grand hotel, which featured breathtakingly beautiful panorama views of Moldova’s capital Chisinau. You really couldn’t ask for a more glorious setting!

After the memorable ceremony, it was time for the ball and to celebrate the wonderful nuptials of Dana and Serghei.

One picture with the most important couple of the evening and a glass of champagne please – Cricova one of course and just let us say « Amar » or  «Горькo » whatever feels better!

At around 7pm, we were ready to enjoy a delicious dinner that featured several courses that were served in more of a Western European style than the usual Moldavian tradition. During a Moldavian wedding, as I remember it, you’ll have the table already dressed with all sorts of cold starters and wouldn’t get the warm dishes until after. Another great tradition was the Colacul miresei, which was when both the bride and groom broke a rounded braid bread called “colac” into two parts. Whoever gets the bigger part will be the chef in the house, so legend says. And as you may have noticed in the pictures, it’s Serghei who got the bigger piece and a warm applause! I’m sure Dana was OK with, though, being the smart girl she is, she’s definitely familiar with the famous saying, “Man is the head of the house and the woman is the neck that turns the head.”

Providing the night’s fun musical soundtrack was none other than Ion Suruceanu, one of most famous Moldavian singers,  awarded in 1990 the People’s Artist award of Moldovan URSS and he happens to be a close friend of groom’s family.

It turns out that music and dancing are also two important factors during a Moldavian wedding, which is why the bride and groom’s dance was such a spectacular sight. Although he mentioned that it was difficult for Serghei to learn the steps, but you would never be able to tell because he managed the dance like a true star!

After several more traditions like the “Masa Mare,” where each of us give some monetary funds to the new family accompanied by some beautiful words of congratulation, the tossing of the bridal bouquet and groom’s garter toss, it was finally time to cut the cake. For me, the cutting of the cake has to be the most exciting part of a wedding since I love to see the two lovers exchange those forks of delicious cake and wonderful vows of pure love to each other.

The party continued and it was a non-stop dance party until the very end! A true fairytale wedding and one of the best in my books. There was one last episode where we tried to steal the bride – another old tradition, but I can’t exactly go into details because I’m not allowed to!

Thank you for your reading my dearest, Muses, and stay tuned for a new Moldavian story coming soon!




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