Brunch on Farm: The Traditional Way to Celebrate Swiss National Day


Swiss National Day takes place on August 1st and marks the signing of the confederation in which the three Alpine cantons of Unterwalden, Uri, and Schwyz swore allegiance to each other. More specifically, this alliance was formed to strengthen and protect each region against the marauding Habsburgs.

Although the Confederation was signed back in 1291, Swiss National Day was only made a public holiday in 1891 and special events have taken place all over the country ever since.

Let’s be honest, the most popular attractions are often overcrowded in Switzerland and this is especially the case on public holidays. While most tourists flock to Lake Geneva for fireworks on this holiday, escaping into the countryside can offer a more rewarding experience when it comes to local and cultural traditions.

But what might this mean for you?

musewhispr Well, it means that you might want to experience something a little different on Swiss National Day and possibly venture into the scenic Gruyère region for traditional brunch on an authentic farm.

After some communal celebrations in our hometown on the previous night, we left Echallens early in the morning on Swiss National Day. It had been a magical evening of speech and concert at Place de Château but it was just as exciting to start our road-trip into the stunning Gruyère region.

Gruyère is the kind of place that hits you smack dab in the face, where lush valleys, rolling landscapes and tiny villages sit quietly in the foothills of the alps. We had reserved a spot at Buvette des Ivuettes en Gruyère and this idyllic farm was also surrounded by some of the most incredible mountain scenery we had ever seen. Aside from the music, tombola and local food, the owner was quick to explain the history of the farm and the local produce for which the areas is famous.



You see, Buvette des Ivuettes en Gruyère has over 70 dairy cows of Holstein and Red Holstein breed. In recent years, the farm has also nurtured a Jersey breed, a nice little cow, curious and very well adapted for mountain pasture. With this in mind, the milk is especially rich and produces a sublime cheese called Tommes Demoiselles. In fact, Gruyère is best known for producing authentic Swiss cheese and there were many more varieties at the farm including Camembil, Vacherin Fribourgois and Gruyère itself.

Just so you know, both food and soft drinks are included in the CHF 30 entry fee to the farm.

musewhisprAfter breakfast and before lunch, we took a walk through the nearby forest and along the Ruisseau du Gros Mont River, an affluence of the La Jogne River. It was a very green and luscious trail and the perfect place to walk off our breakfast. In fact, our time in Charmey was so enjoyable that we suspected the town might be named after the charming nature of the area!


As you may know, I’m a lifestyle muse and big believer when it comes to individuality. For this reason, our traditional brunch in Charmey was not only delicious but also a much more rewarding way to experience some local traditions, while celebrating Swiss National Day in a unique and unforgettable setting.





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