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When I tell people I come from Moldova I have different kind of reactions and the funniest that come to my mind is: “ohhhhh you have white sand and beautiful beaches out there… “well interesting perspective but you mean Maldives right ?


Moldova is one of 15th sister countries of the Soviet Union reason why western people have hard time putting it on a map and even harder to know much about than what they have been told in the news and often not some glorious information unfortunately.


During Centuries this territory has been often split between Latin and Slavic worlds losing its identity at some point or gaining more cultural richness at another. Reason why it’s quite difficult to tell one version of Moldova’s story while there will be always someone nearby who’ll say “It’s not this way how the history happened”… and he will give his own version will this be a more Russian or more Moldavian version of the history line.  Today I feel blessed and lucky of how these 2 completely different cultures and languages have been part of my identity and helped me in one or another situation to express my thoughts and communicate with people from different countries.


But let’s just concentrate now on our travel we had back in June. As informed in my previous blog post the main reason why I went to Chisinau is one beautiful wedding and of course to see some dear to my heart people.

We flew on a direct Air Moldova flight from Geneva to Chisinau. With a length of 2h30 we definitely enjoyed the service on board with one complete meal free of charge. Not so typical in our days when we speak about European flights. Arrived in Chisinau we stayed at a friend apartment right in the center of the town. Besides friends a large accommodation offer can be found on global online platform like airbnb or booking, in Chisinau and other parts of the country.

The next day we went to Orhei and visited my beloved aunts which have cooked for us some local dishes that I’m fond of!  Orhei is considered as the 9th largest city in the country and also one of the ancient populated places in this area, first habitats 1300 BCE. Located next Nistru River and on a very strategic road which linked Central Europe and Mediterranean Europe with the Eastern World. In Orhei we have managed to visit 2 of the different local sightseeing places and this was : Orhei Land – brand new and one of the most largest amusement park in the country which we loved to visit is although it was 1st of June –  needless to say world we’ve met there in an International Day of Children!

Second well known and touristic place in Orhei was Chateau Vartely winery/hotel/restaurant. This place is definitely a must see one if you’re in the area and is the place to taste some local and exquisite wines like Individo or Taraboste. Our Saturday afternoon was pure magic accompanied by a glass of Rosé and live music on their sunny terrace with a breathtaking view of the Orhei surrounding plane and a soft wind was cuddling our face.

On a historical chapter – Capriana Monastery has a special charm and appeal so on our 4th day we headed to visit it, while I must admit I haven’t done it yet. It is located approximatively one-hour car drive from Chisinau and it’s one of the oldest monasteries in Moldova with the first significant reference dates from a document issued 1429. This document gave the Monastery a royal status on behalf of Alexandru the Good and it was a deed to his wife Princess Marena.

We loved spending our morning in Capriana and as I usually do I light a few candles and prayer  for people I love that surround me and for the ones are already gone but still so close in  my soul.

The day after we have went for a walk in the center of Chisinau and have stop by one famous and truly beautiful Nativity of Christ Metropolitan Cathedral. It was built in 1830s to a Neoclassical design by Abraham Meenikov and is one true religious symbol and Neoclassical jewel in the very heart of Chisinau. A few steps away you can admire the majestic and amazing Triumphal Arch with its famous bel “Clopote Velican” build in 1840 by the architect I. Zauschevic and on the other side of the main boulevard of Chisinau – Stefan cel Mare –  you can notice an administrative building which is the Government House. Left side it cannot be missed the statue of one famous ruler Stegan cel Mare si Sfint (Stephen the Great), famous Voievod (Prince) of Moldavia 1457 – 1504.

Our next stop was a special visit to one of my dearest friends which also happen to be one of my Godfather and Godmother pair. Yes, you heard it well one, while I have several of them.

Orthodox christening of children allows several Godmothers and Godfathers which is not typical for Protestant or Catholic branches of Christianism where you have one and only. I deeply appreciate my Nanu Sasha and Nana Ira advises and always love to stop by and enjoy some time and lots of jokes about Yesterday or Today in their beautiful garden. In the same day we were invited at my cousins Tatiana’s place and together with her family and my other cousin Vanea we enjoyed a beautiful  evening, recalling childhood and celebrating Adrian’s birthday !


Our 10 days in Moldova went so fast I couldn’t believe it! However, we managed to visit this another winery called Asconi and enjoyed some tasty local dishes and wine. Why so many wineries you’ll ask because wine making in Moldova is an ancestral tradition with first size of grape seed imprints found near the Varvarovca village (North of the country) back to 2800 BC, prove that at that time the grapes were already being cultivated along with forms of winemaking in the area between the Nistru and Prut Rivers around 4000 – 5000 years ago. Today Moldova has a vineyard are of 148,000 hectares of which 107,800 are used for commercial production.

Asconi is one family vineyard that has grown to a beautiful touristic place that definitely worth a visit, not talking about the tasty local food you have the chance to try when pairing with some of their famous wines like Sol Negru and its local wine varieties :

Feteasca Alba or Feteasca Neagra.

During our stay we ‘have managed to meet some friends and decided to do it in a very spectacular restaurant called “Popasul Dacilor” with some delicious food and a very much inspiring design. Another beautiful restaurant that I highly recommend is called Epoca de Piatra and is located in Branesti not 5 minutes away from the famous Orheiul Vechi ( Old Orhei) historical and l and archaeological complex located in Trebujeni.

I will have to finish this story here and say goodbye for now my dearest muses!




Hi, I’m Galina and my blog is all about inspiration and acknowledging your inner muse! Have you ever heard a Muse Whispr in your ear, motivating you to the very thing that you’re scared of? I have, which is why I started this blog!

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